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Lab-created fire opal is synthetic gemstone NOT PLASTIC.

 Elements:80% Silica & 20% Resin. MOHS hardness:4.

Specific Gravity:1.80-1.90. Heat Resistance:130 degree C.
Lab-grown synthetic opal takes about a year to grow in a

laboratory and is similar in properties to natural opal.

Lab-grown synthetic opal contains a high percentage of silica at least 80% and has the unique feature of vertical growth pattern.
Silica is an important element for opal. According to GIA in

order to be opal a material must be silica in composition as major elements possibly containing some water. the percentage of silica in composition determines man-made opal's quality and value.
Lab-grown synthetic opal is also known as created opal or

 lab-made opal or lab-created opal.

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BFOP42 Dragonfly pendant
BFOP42 Dragonfly pendant
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